‘Interested Party Registrations’ now closed.

Thanks you to everyone who took time to register as an ‘Interested Party’ on the government Inspectorate website.
The deadline for applications was October 29 2018, so now we wait on the next stage – which should include an invitation to attend a meeting with the Planning Inspectorate early in the new year. (watch this space for details).
As we write – we are waiting to hear how many applications in total they received.

We have had almost 2000 people register their support of Snub The Hub, so please keep spreading the word and sharing on social media.

This is still NOT A DONE DEAL so the more people we have supporting us from the affected communities the better.

If you have registered as a supporter of Snub The Hub – you’ll receive regular updates on progress and news – as and when they happen.
Make sure you are also following our Facebook pages for up to the minute news.

Thanks again.
Snub The Hub – STOP The West Midlands Interchange

Register to become an ‘Interested Party’

Why should I do this?

Being an ‘Interested Party’ ensures you will receive formal notications during the Examination process and gives you important participation rights. Any member of the public, business or group can register to participate in the Examination.

We want as many people as possible to become an Interest Party to help us fight WMI.

When should I register?

Once the application has been sent to the Planning Inspectorate, we should be advised of the deadline. Registrations to become an Interested Party need to be received by the 29th of October 2018.

Deadline ‘to be announced’ so please make sure you have registered as a Supporter of Snub The Hub, to stay informed.

Should I also write to my MP?

By all means feel free to write to your MP, but both Gavin Williamson and Jeremy Lefroy are against WMI and in full support of our fight, so it is more important you Register to become an ‘Interested Party’.


If you are unable to complete the form online – you can request a form from your LOCAL PARISH COUNCIL.
Please allow enough time to post the form before the deadline.

When registering as an ‘Interested Party’

What will I be asked to do?

When you click the link above – There will be a registration form to fill in your

  • Name,
  • Address details and
  • Reason for your interest or Objection.

Typical reasons that WILL be deemed acceptable are:

“I object to this application because I am concerned about…

  • Protecting the Green Belt
  • Negative Effects on the Environment / Pollution / Air Quality / Noise / Light
  • Negative Effects on the Local Highways and the Increase in Traffic
  • Negative Effects on Local Health
  • Negative Effects on the Local Flora & Fauna (Ecology)
  • Loss of Agricultural Land & Countryside
  • Negative Effects on Local Business
  • “I object to this application because I am concerned the Location is wrong, because…
    • There are other more suitable locations available
    • Brownfield land would be more suitable
    • Regional employment has not been considered properly
    • Bussing in thousands of employees from other regions could damage our local economy
    • And is not in accord with Local Planning Policy

Reasons that won’t be accepted are:

  • Saying anything that could be considered flippant or frivolous
  • Saying that the Value of your property will be affected (This is not considered a planning matter)
  • Disagreeing with Planning Law or Policy (This has already deemed to have been discussed and approved by Parliament)